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You hate micromanagers and we do, too. That's why Open is rapidly becoming the fastest-growing retail mortgage lender in the nation.

  • Empower branch managers to operate as local CEOs
  • Treat Loan Officers like entrepreneurs who can run their own business
  • Deliver excellent Ops and Support
  • Traditional, Reverse, and Dual-Channel opportunities
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Sean Cornwell

Sean Cornwell became the nation’s #1 USDA lender at Open Mortgage.

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A Pathway to Success

with Sean Cornwell


Sales Summit 2023 Recap

We bring passion and energy to mortgages


This is Our Secret Ingredient

Testimonial by Scott Harkless


The Environment of Service

We are ready to serve you too.


Open Mortgage Empowered Success

We are Open


A Special Kind of Support

We are moving up and ready to take you with us.


We Invest in Your Success

Come and grow your business


Scott Gordon, Founder & CEO

What makes us stand out among other lenders, and what are we doing both today and tomorrow to ensure we continue the dream of American homeownership? Hear it from the founder himself: Scott Gordon.


Mehdi Kouchtaf, Branch Manager

Mehdi Kouchtaf left Open Mortgage, looking for greener grass. Half a year later, he returned, realizing we've got the processes, programs, and potential to lead the pack in the mortgage industry. #WhereBetterIsPossible


Marie Greenly, Loan Officer

Nothing wrong with some friendly competition, right? Our own Marie Greenly thrives on it - and it's probably why she's one of our brightest rising originators and inspires our team to keep digging deeper. #WhereBetterIsPossible


Jamal Chubb, National Director of Business Development

"I heard the heart and the hunger behind our story at Open, and thought "why wouldn't I want to be here?" Hear from our National Director of Business Development, Jamal Chubb, on why he chose Open Mortgage as his home. #WhereBetterIsPossible


Brenda Hedeen, Chief Financial Officer

"This is the first complete executive team I've worked on...I've got full support. They have my back, I have theirs." Our CFO Brenda Hedeen has taken massive strides in her first year at Open Mortgage. Her reasoning? Company-wide collaboration and support. #WhereBetterIsPossible


Adam O’Daniel, SVP Marketing

"The thing that is so special to me about Open, is that we can do big things, but still have a family-like culture." Hear from our SVP of Marketing Adam O'Daniel on what makes us a unique mortgage lender. #WhereBetterIsPossible


Torry Barnes, Loan Officer

When you've got an extensive library of marketing materials and support for your business, there's no limit to what you can do - and our own Torrey Barnes agrees. #WhereBetterIsPossible


Monica Creighton, Loan Officer

How has our originator-first vision and business plan allowed Monica Creighton to excel in 2023? #WhereBetterIsPossible


Sean Cornwell, Branch Manager

Once Sean Cornwell was able to take the reins and run his own show, he and his team quickly put themselves in the conversation of top lenders in the nation. That's why we put the originator first. #WhereBetterIsPossible


Catalina Gonzalez, Branch Manager

Catalina Gonzalez sees the value in our corporate support system - and it's a huge reason why she's stayed with us to grow her business for over seven years. #WhereBetterIsPossible


Intro and Cause


Assumptions and Strategy


Mission of Open Mortgage


Vision of Open Mortgage


Values of Open Mortgage


Steps to controlling your own growth

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Imagine yourself having full control of your business, with the full support of a national lender.

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At Open Mortgage, we put the local retail Loan Officer at the center of all our marketing investments. Our Marketing Made Easy program establishes you as the most recognized, connected, trusted adviser in the markets you serve. Open Mortgage Marketing is:

  • Easy to access
  • Quick to learn
  • Impactful to your local business


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